Hi, Harvey Zemmel here.

In Video 1 I highlighted the 4 descriptions that fit your business and shared with you the secret big companies routinely overpay by 50 percent to 500 percent plus to buy all sorts of businesses for their own special reasons.

In Video 2 you discovered the shocking statistics that 75 percent of the businesses advertised or listed for sale never sell at all. Of the 25 percent that do sell, only 1 percent sell for the maximum price.

In Video 3 I disclose the biggest mistake business owners make when deciding to sell, is their lack of preparation.

Let’s Be Clear


I am NOT a business broker, agent or mergers/acquisition guy who’ll try and get a fat commission check when you sell, just for ‘listing’ your business.

I am NOT a lawyer, I am NOT an ‘ordinary’ consultant who’ll charge you big bucks to put together a fancy brochure about your business.

In fact, the more visible I get, the more HATED I AM by all these types. I have no agenda of my own. I am simply a guy who’s done it.



… Exiting Your Business Rich Enough To Do Everything You’ve Always Hoped To Do without waiting until you’re too old to do it!

Imagine planning out your next years with your wife and family … without worrying about time away from the business, without scrimping on money.

What is it you’ve always dreamed of doing?

Building your dream home or 2nd vacation home or retirement home?

Having the time free to write a novel?

Become speaker, play golf or go fishing 3 times a week?

Living stress free with all your time your own?

Spending time with loved ones?

Travelling America or the world?

I Can Help You Do It. Sooner, Not Later


Now I’m footloose and fancy free. To keep busy, I’m sharing everything I learned in the process with interested business owners.

I’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to uncover ALL the insider secrets of selling small and medium sized companies and businesses of all kinds for big premiums … and I’ve found that the unique proprietary system I used to double the value of one of my businesses can be successfully applied to just about any sort of business.

In 30 To 90 Days


What I show you can liberate hidden profits in your business, increase your income from it, and start the Value Escalation Process …

In 3 To 6 Months


what I show you can reposition your business in ways that make it more profitable to you while you own it and much more attractive to potential buyers …

And In 6 To 24 Months


What I show you can have your business ‘ready’ for premium price buyers to fight over!

I’m finding it very rewarding and having fun sharing my hard earned secrets and coaching open-minded business owners in the ‘science’ of multiplying their business’ value and finally extracting all the wealth, independence and security from it they deserve.

However, I do need to advise you, I have limits on the number of business owners I work with at any one time … and I’m already planning my exit from my little consulting practice. If what I’ve said here interests you, the time to act on it is now … while you can.

How you can have me as your expert guide at very modest cost with satisfactory results and value safely guaranteed?

For most business owners, the cost of hiring me to work with them privately, 1 on 1 is far too high, although I still occasionally am engaged in that way.

So I developed a ‘program’ that delivers information, advice, direction, guidance, answers to questions and all my ‘formulas’ and ‘systems’ at a very modest cost.


Here is everything everything that you get in “Sell Smart: Net What You’re Worth”. 6 priceless components of my “Maximize Your Exit” system.



Number 1: The Fundamentals to Maximize Your Exit.

What business owners and their advisors do NOT know….that you must….that will alter the way you view, manage and grow your business in the ‘run up’ to its sale.


Number 2: Your Exit Plan and Timing.

The Zemmel Blueprint for preparation of your business for above par price sale at your desired time.

How to think about the economy, your industry, trends, potential buyers’ trends and to target the ideal time to achieve the best selling price.

Cut Our Workload 40% While Doubling Profitability
Before meeting Harvey our business was doing okay but we were heading in 20 different directions at once. Harvey immediately recognized 3 areas we needed to focus on allowing us to cut our workload by 40% while nearly doubling our profitability. Also thanks to Harvey we were able to discover an opportunity within our niche no one else is focusing on that could revolutionise our industry. Harvey has a gift for separating the wheat from the chaff and for seeing opportunities that most are blind too.” - Dan Curriden Atlanta, Georgia


Number 3: Business Valuation Secrets

Insider information about how potential buyers, larger companies, private investor groups and professional analysts value businesses.

How to identify the SALE PRICE CONTROLLING METRICS for your particular business and manipulate them for your advantage.

Exactly how ‘little changes’ in your business’ profits and other financial statistics yield a MULTIPLIED sale price. NO – this is NOT boring bean counting and number crunching! This is an EXCITING look at a powerful process for quickly creating MORE VALUE without more work!


Number 4: The Who Factor

How to Attract Buyers who will Pay You Premium Prices

You do not hold the key to a big sale: buyers do!

I reveal unusual and little understood secrets to expanding your pool of potential buyers, creating competition among buyers that raises price and speeds sale, even the psychology behind the companies, investor’s or entrepreneur’s decision to pay a big multiple of normal value to get a specific business.

In this module, I reveal unusual and little understood secrets to expanding your pool of potential buyers.

Creating competition among buyers that raise price and speed sale. Even the psychology behind acquiring companies investors or entrepreneurs decision to pay a big multiple of normal value to get a specific business.


Number 5: Romancing the Stone

How to position or reposition, package and present your business as a SEXY SEDUCTRESS worth any price, not a ‘PLAIN JANE’ amongst many choices. Buyers cannot just want to buy a business – they have to lust for YOUR business.

For this, preparation is the key. What you do today and tomorrow, 2 to 5 years before you intend offering your business for sale, is critically important.

We discuss COMPREHENSIVE PREPARATION, from a-to-z, short-term, medium-term and long-term.


Number 6: Your Deal of the Century

That you’ll be thrilled with, and proudly telling the tale of for years to come!

My goals are for you to very quickly have a much better and more profitable business, to make your business much more valuable as an investment for yourself and its eventual buyer and to ultimately have you exit receiving every last dollar in a way you are both happy and proud of.


3 Priceless Practical Gems of Wisdom
“I recently caught up with Harvey at a conference in Chicago. Literally 30 seconds after sharing my business idea Harvey blurted out 3 priceless practical gems of wisdom that will profoundly impact on my bottom line profits and ultimately skyrocket the value of my business. His insights were so powerful that I feverishly wrote them down on the nearest piece of paper I could find….a drink coaster. This coaster now hangs above my desk as a constant reminder. Harvey’s mind for identifying overlooked BIG opportunities is razor sharp. This combined with his track record of success, make crawling over broken glass a small price to pay to Harvey transform your business.” - Angelo Titsas Yasman, New Zealand


What Is All This Worth?


  • Module 1 – The Key Fundamentals to Maximize Your Exit – $997
  • Module 2 – Your Exit Plans and Timing – $997
  • Module 3 – Business Valuation Secrets – $997
  • Module 4 – How to Attract Buyers Who will Pay You Premium Prices – $997
  • Module 5 – Romancing the Stone – $997
  • Module 6 – Your Deal of the Century – $997

Total Value – $5982


But that, as they say, is not all! There are 3 ‘bonus’ modules:


  • Module 7 – Active Strategies To Increase Your Profits and Multiply Your Business Value – $497
  • Module 8 – Advisors: Why You Need Them and What to Look For – $497
  • Module 9 – Secrets to Successful Negotiation – $497

A Total Value – $7473


You will not need to invest $7473



Just 1 payment of $997



If you want to sell your business in 2 to 5 years, maybe even sooner … or whenever you like later for 3 times, to 10 times more than you think you can, on your terms


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Quadrupled The Selling Value Of My Business…
“In all my years of creating, running and selling successful businesses I have not come across anyone as knowledgable as Harvey in creating maximum value for my business. Your advice on breaking down the value propositions of my company truly QUADRUPLED ITS SELLING VALUE over any other price/value numbers normally used. I also want to simply tell you ‘thank you’ Harvey.

Your willingness to share your expertise, your gift for discovering the components that create more value and your knowledge of what create value that most people never think of are just unparalleled. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

I’ve owned everything from one location to several multi million dollar organizations. Harvey Zemmel is a pro. He’ll provide more worth for the value of your business than anyone you’ve ever met. No one will give you the ideas, input, guidance, structure and downright map to follow in order to sell your business for the maximum price.

Whether you’re looking to sell today or several years from now, exchanging time with him will be a return on investment you will not be able to come close elsewhere. If you’ve worked hard at building your business and now perhaps you’d like to sell Harvey will show you how to create a price you’d only read about in Forbes!”- Donna Krech – Lima, Ohio


If you want to sell your business in 2 to 5 years, maybe even sooner … or whenever you like later for 3 times, to 10 times more than you think you can, on your terms


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Of course, the price tag values, versus this actual investment of less than you pay to lease your car for the year or for one vacation – are NOT the point, NOT the relevant comparison.

Instead Consider Value.


If your business now spins off total net profits of as little as $500,000, your salary, spouse salary, pension contributions, business perks like car etc. and my entire program produces a measly 1% improvement in those profits, it pays for itself the very 1st year of use. And if this business might normally sell for $1.5 million but, thanks to my program, sells only for a modest 20% premium at $1.8 million, the extra $300,000 represents a whopping 30 000% profit on your little investment with me.

But this need not be pure speculation. I’m happy to have you be my judge, jury and executioner.

Here’s my Value Guarantee.


You can get Sell Smart : Net What You’re Worth completely Risk Free.

This is being delivered online….so it’s not like you have to send anything back if you’re not happy.

So Here’s The Deal.


Get Sell Smart: Net What You’re Worth and go through the course. I mean REALLY go through it. Get as much out of it as you can. Once it’s over ask yourself ‘Was it worth it?’

If your answer isn’t a resounding YES then let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund you. No questions asked.

So you have nothing to lose.

All of the risk is on me.


If you want to sell your business in 2 to 5 years, maybe even sooner … or whenever you like later for 3 times, to 10 times more than you think you can, on your terms


Just Click The Button Below And Get Started


Just 1 payment of $997




See Your Business From The Buyers Perspective…
“Harvey is a real businessman and a bona fide entrepreneur who profoundly understands what it takes to run a successful business and how to maximize its performance in all key areas that affect its overall value. I have found Harvey’s insight and advice growing my business crucial in to building its worth which is now probably double what it was before I asked him to work with me.

Key to Harvey’s methodology is his ability to have me see the business from the buyer’s perspective and this subtle but radical shift in thinking and approach will make me many hundreds of thousands of dollars when I finally sell out and as an added bonus I will be able to cherry pick who I sell to. Harvey’s gift is for immediately spotting key areas of underperformance and advising practical means of addressing these. He also showed me how to use savvy methods to attract several prospective buyers thus ensuring that I achieve the maximum price possible when I decide to sell.

As a result of Harvey’s involvement I will now be able to forward the date at which I’ll sell which is much sooner than I ever dreamed possible and at this point I will be both free and wealthy and be able to pursue other life goals. I am extremely grateful to Harvey and I can’t recommend his services highly enough to anybody who likes the idea of getting their business into shape and selling it for a lot more than they probably think it’s worth now.”- Gary Courtenay Staleybridge UK

A cynic might want to ask why I’m providing this at such a LOW fee.


There are several reasons.

  1. Because I can. I don’t need the money. So I’ve chosen to set the most modest fee I can rather than the highest fee I could.
  2. Because I want to. I enjoy making this guidance that seems only available from me and quite mysterious to most accessible and affordable to business owners who, just as I did, worked very hard to build up companies and deserve just rewards, outstanding rewards.
    I derive profound personal satisfaction from this work.

    I chose to ask a fee no sensible businessperson would find unreasonable or out of reach. I wanted this to be an easy or, as Americans say, ‘brain dead’ or ‘no brainer’ decision.

  3. To confess, every so often, rarely but occasionally, this leads to a very interesting and very, very lucrative private consulting engagement.
    It is in a way, a little ‘fishing expedition’ of mine. But, make no mistake, I don’t need them. I’m not holding things back to get such engagements. My Program is neither ‘tease’ or ‘sales pitch’.

If you want to sell your business in 2 to 5 years, maybe even sooner … or whenever you like later for 3 times, to 10 times more than you think you can, on your terms


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Just 1 payment of $997






I’d suggest to you the smartest question is, what might you LOSE without this information and assistance?

Mistakes made well in advance of selling a business accumulate like ghosts residing in a haunted castle.

They lie in wait, to steal your net worth from you at the very end of your business’ sale.

Much Is At Stake


Any ONE mistake or ‘unknown insider fact’ may rob you of $100,000 to $1 million, not to mention the lifestyle and security it would buy, or the pride and satisfaction of having sold for the very best price under the best terms.

The “Maximize Your Exit System” will ensure you profit now, again and again, and ultimately, safeguard the fortune you’ve worked to create.

I Absolutely GUARANTEE You Will Find This To Be A VERY Rewarding Experience


P.S. Another warning: with my unusual methods for uncovering hidden profits and boosting value, you may lose interest in selling and exiting your business…you might fall in love with it all over again. I can’t help that.

If that happens, it will be because you own a better, more profitable, more smoothly running business and that’s a good thing! But if you do want to sell in 2 to 5 years, then having my unique insight on the process is very, very important. DO NOT WAIT until you are ready to sell, you need my information to prepare.

P.P.S. Maybe you find it hard to believe there are ‘hidden profits’ in your business….opportunities to quickly make your business a lot more valuable. Maybe you’ve been bitten by ‘consultants’.

I understand.

But I’ve guaranteed this to be proven true in your sole judgement! You have nothing to lose, not even a penny.

If you want to sell your business in 2 to 5 years, maybe even sooner … or whenever you like later for 3 times, to 10 times more than you think you can, on your terms


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Just 1 payment of $997




If You Want a BIG Payday Follow His Advice…
“The first time I met Harvey I knew this guy was BIG Not in size but in his sharp and lateral mind…BIG in his ideas on how to maximize the value of your business! Bigger than most as he has already done what he tells others to do. If you want a BIG payday when you exit your business then you had better follow his advice.” - Tony Gedge Fuengirola, Spain


For Every Dollar Of Profit I Make I’m Also Adding Value To My Business…
“You have instilled in me belief is everything. You are truly making me rethink about my business. I really appreciate the opportunity to create and share my big dream. I now get the big picture. I understand that for every dollar profit I make I’m also creating extra value in my business.” - Elizabeth Andes Bell New York


The Quality Of Your Information Is Second To None…
“You really understand the challenges I face daily in my business and helped me enormously to overcome them. You are empathetic, professional and the quality of your information is second to none.” - Chris Payne Poynton UK


Our Sessions With You Have Been Priceless…
We’re starting up and ready to go. Our sessions with you have been priceless! Your understanding of how to get a business started has saved many thousands of pounds. You have infused us with the power of your knowledge and experience. We now know at the beginning of our jouney, it’s about INCOME AND EQUITY. - Karl Banks &Ben Jesson Rugely UK


A Master Tactician And A Powerful Adviser…
Harvey taught me early on maximizing your strategy for growth must match a successful strategy for a profitable exit. He clearly demonstrated this was achievable as he built up his own business from scratch to $30 million+. He’s master tactician and a powerful adviser if you’re lucky enough to have him. - Michael Bloxham – UK


If you want to sell your business in 2 to 5 years, maybe even sooner … or whenever you like later for 3 times, to 10 times more than you think you can, on your terms


Just Click The Button Below And Get Started


Just 1 payment of $997




Solid Techniques And Strategies ‘Outside The Box’…
Harvey has provided solid techniques and strategies ‘outside the box’ to effectively improve my company. I have found his business knowledge to be solid and reliable. He has guided me in ‘future proofing’ my company giving me a competitive edge in this fast forward global world that’s constantly changing. - Dr Maryann Rosenthal San Diego, California


Get Harvey’s Help Wherever and Whenever You Can…
I’ve met many specialists over the years and I’ve yet to find anyone who can match Harvey on the subjects of exit strategies and business growth. If you’re really serious about building your business as a long term investment with a view to retiring wealthy then there’s only 1 man in the world who can provide you with world class coaching, guidance and advice. Get Harvey’s help wherever and whenever you can, take action and you’re guaranteed to be on the right path to super riches. - Paul Steward Bolton, UK


Here is the feedback from some of the attendees from a Maximize Your Exit Seminars:


“I would strongly recommend you attend the seminar BEFORE making the decision to sell.”- Cintra Jaggins


“Great guy … Harvey has a lot of knowledge and certainly oozes integrity”- Sue Maddock


“This is a presentation by someone who has actual knowledge about this topic” - Rose Stewart


“There’s valuable information on how to build your business and get double the market value when you sell” - Norbet Narwengo


“Your knowledge was exceptional” - Paula Kidd


“If you are thinking of selling or even starting a business then it’s worth attending” - Anthony David


“An opportunity never to be missed!” - T. Lee


“Go to the seminar!” - Douglas Spector


If you want to sell your business in 2 to 5 years, maybe even sooner … or whenever you like later for 3 times, to 10 times more than you think you can, on your terms


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Just 1 payment of $997



No Thanks, I don’t want to take advantage of this opportunity.