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I know you’ve sunk money, time, blood, sweat and tears into your business over the years.

However you can blow every penny you’ve rightfully earned form all your years of hard labour by failing to sell your business at the price you deserve.

There are 5 keys to unlock so you can ensure you sell your business at the best price.

Sadly, most business owners never get the generous buy-outs and fail to maximize their exit.

The shocking statistics are as follows:

  • 95% of businesses advertised or listed for sale NEVER SELL at all!
  • Of the 25% that do sell, only 1% sell for the maximum price
  • 99% of all sellers unwittingly leave money on the table
  • Over 50% sell to the wrong buyers and sacrifice profit
  • Over 70% agree to undesirable payout terms that could have been avoided

In short, the overwhelming majority of business owners who succeeded at creating and building their businesses FAIL MISERABLY at maximizing their exit.

No matter size, sector, business-model, online or offline….the principles of a successful transaction are the same:


Clean financials, documented contracts and corporate governance are all essential for a successful exit.

The deal has to undergo the process of due diligence.

Any weaknesses in the paperwork, even small ones can cause a costly renegotiation or even a deal collapse


Trust is vital in any deal and typically it accrues between buyer and seller through the whole process which can take many months.

Being open and honest particularly in the early meeting and exchanges will create and foster a relationship that can stand moments of strain as the deal progresses.

When the stakes are high, having this base will help overcome obstacles more easily and keep the transaction on track.


The buyer fit is often disregarded in straight acquisitions but it’s particularly important if one business is to be merged with another.

Also, the greater the deal size, the greater the complexity.

Where there’s genuine respect and collaboration between seller and purchaser, the deal can be concluded quicker and it sets the tone for a smooth transition.


You must be clear why you want to sell.

Are you ready to sell and let go?

They say divorce, death and moving house are the 3 most stressful events in life.

Selling your business is up there with them…..you need to be mentally strong.


The importance of good counsel in a business sale cannot be stressed enough.

Most business owners aren’t experts at selling businesses, they are experts at growing businesses.

A trusted and experienced team will unlock the greatest value for the business owner.

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