Worried tired stressed out businessman holding his head.

Is your business largely or wholly dependent on you?

If the answer is yes, you do NOT have a saleable business!

Does your business require your constant supervision and problem solving?

Are you its chief rainmaker or marketing director or operations manager?


Think hard about that statement, it should send shivers up your spine!

Stephen was three years into business ownership when he realized he had a problem.

Anyone looking in from the outside however would never have suspected anything.

His marketing services business was doing well, with high quality clients who valued the quality and reliability of his services. His targets were being met.

Stephen had leveraged a result packed corporate career to create a robust network of associates who he used as subcontractors when required.

Of course, Stephen had to put in long hours to produce the great results. He worked most weekends and saw his family and friends rarely.

He had been willing to accept this sacrifice as a temporary investment. He was planning to scale back his involvement at some future date.

His travel schedule was also hectic.

Over time, he started to see clients in person less and less and kept in contact via email or phone.

Almost imperceptibly, Stephen reached the point where he realized he was truly overwhelmed. Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

There never seemed to be enough hours in the day to ge things done.

He couldn’t see a way forward to grow the business to the next level….he was already doing all he could!

Stephen felt he needed to step back and get some perspective [as well as some rest] so he booked a ten day vacation away from home and business.

Although he had set up clients and projects to accommodate his absence, at least 3 hours of each day was spent on the phone or by email putting ‘out fires’ or making decisions.

It wasn’t a holiday, and before he realized it, he was boarding his flight home….whereupon he would be welcomed with bad news.

Upon his return, he discovered he had lost 2 important pieces of business to a competitor.

Stephen realized then he had built a business that relied so much on his personal efforts that he couldn’t walk away from it and have it still succeed. Without him, his entire business would collapse in a matter of weeks. What about you?

He hadn’t built a business….he was the business!

The problem was twofold:

  1. The business was consuming all his time and energy.
  2. He didn’t have an asset to sell.

Far from realizing the business owner’s dream of independence, Stephen felt trapped with no means of escape!

There aren’t any hard numbers to report but I feel confident in asserting that many business owners are not operating independently of their owners….they are like Stephen.

Here are some indicators:

  1. Your days are too short.
  2. You feel it’s physically impossible to do everything you need to.
  3. People are demanding your time but they can’t get enough of it.
  4. You feel you are forever dealing with ‘crises’.
  5. You are under pressure and stress as you’re managing all the business risks alone.

If you answer yes to any of these indicators….these are the warning signs.

Every passing day without successful replacement of you with smoothly running systems, everything you’ve worked hard to build is at extreme risk.

You do NOT have a saleable business!

Sane potential buyers, especially larger firms who pay the highest prices, will carefully examine your business and conclude it’s not a business at all and walk away.

If you are thinking about exiting your business at some near future time, you’re likely to be bitterly disappointed by the very unpleasant surprise of finding no takers or being offered peanuts……….if you fail to act NOW, well in advance of ‘for sale time’ to ‘business-ize’ your business.

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