Revealed: How To Find Buyers Who Will Pay Premium Prices So Can Maximize Your Exit

As an entrepreneur you have put your life and soul into building your business. You have worked 60, 70 even 80+ hours every week to get new clients and then retain them.

Sooner or later you will consider selling your business.

You start to imagine receiving your cheque for $2 million, $5million….even $10 million…

You continue to imagine building your dream home or second vacation home….having free time to go fishing or play golf 3 times a week….living stress free with all your time your own….spending time with loved ones…..travelling the world….

But then you wake up and come back to reality!

Selling your business is a difficult process.

You begin to realize that selling your business for $2 million, $5 million or even $10 million is not guaranteed.

The shocking statistics are as follows:

  • 75% of businesses advertised or listed NEVER SELL at all!
  • Over 50% sell to the wrong buyers and sacrifice profit
  • Over 70% agree to undesirable pay-out terms that could have been avoided

Locating the right buyer is a proactive rather than a passive task.

Waiting for a phone call or email from an interested party is not likely to maximize your exit.

Sometimes, the right buyer is not actively looking for a business to buy, rather they decide to buy when an attractive business is brought to their attention.

If you are not bringing the right business to their attention….who is?

There are 3 questions you must ask yourself when you want to create your own hit list of buyers for your business so you can maximize your exit:

1 – What companies in your industry have recently undertaken acquisitions?

If a company has recently purchased another business, it means they are in acquisition mode.

They are looking to buy.

They want to grow.

So these are the companies that are your best potential buyers.

2 – Who has surplus cash?

The more cash the company has available, the sweeter your business offer becomes.

To find business owners who have ample cash to buy your business, you must read your trade magazines.

You must also talk to all your vendors. They know who has money.

When I had my assisted living business, one of my key vendors who supplied me with laundry equipment for all my centres was a great source of leads.

3 – Which companies in your industry have announced a public offering?

From a business seller’s viewpoint, when a company announces that they are going public, that is great news for you.


Because they are desperate to expand their business before going public.

They want their potential investors to seek growth opportunities. They want the stock to go up.

So when you discover a business is going public, get yourself organized quickly.

This is the time you need to think how you can match up with those particular businesses and approach them because they are ready for serious growth before they go public.

You can have one of the most profitable businesses in your industry, and one that runs like clockwork without your presence.

The timing can be perfect.

These are all essential parts of the Maximize Your Exit system.

But unless you connect with the right buyer, you will not achieve that elusive status of becoming a member of the 1% club….those who sell for the maximum price.

So use these 3 questions to start building your list of buyers who will pay you premium prices so you can maximize tour exit.

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