Imagine…exiting your business rich enough to do everything you’ve always hoped to do [without waiting until you’re too old to do it!].

Imagine planning out your next years with your wife and family….without worrying about time away from the business, without scrimping on money.

After you’ve sold your business and maximized your exit, what is it you’ve always dreamed of doing?

Building your dream home or second vacation home?

Having time free to write a novel? Become a speaker, play golf, go fishing 3 times a week?

Living stress free with all your time your own?

Spending time with your loved ones? Travelling America or the world?

The top benefits of selling your business are as follows:

1.    Financial

This is likely to be the greatest benefit. You have banked your cheque. You are financially free and independent. It will fund your retirement.

It will provide liberty and security for you and your family.

2.    Personal Fulfillment

The sense of achievement that comes not only from starting and growing your business but also selling it so you can maximize your exit, is not to be underrated.

It is a great accomplishment.

You can derive personal satisfaction [and ‘bragging rights’] of having been highly compensated for your risk, innovation and hard work over the years.

 3.    Available Capital for New Business Ventures

The money gives you options. You now have the financial resources to jump into a bigger pond or try something completely different.

There are many ‘serial entrepreneurs’ who enjoy the create/build/sell process of business ownership. They just keep stepping up the size and stake of their business endeavours.

It’s an addictive and rewarding process!

4.    Route to a Higher Management or Larger Company

If your business has been sold to a larger company, sometimes you can remain and continue to run the business.

You have access to greater resources – capital, people etc…and this provides you with the opportunity and platform to move the business to the next level and beyond.

5.    A Route out from a Worsening Position

At the other end of the spectrum, you are in a market which is in terminal decline and there is no alternative but to sell and get out.

It is a difficult decision to take but often it is best to cut your losses and move on to new opportunities.


Remember, the biggest mistake when selling your business is lack of preparation.

To maximize your exit, you need to start preparing NOW…even if you think your actual exit from your business may be years away.

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